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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Last known Titanic tickets sold at British Auction

Appreciate the gesture but making money off the dead is not my kind of thing. It's a memorabilia for crying out loud. Plus it may be one of those precious things your relatives leaves behind for larger-than-life stories for your next generation. Why sell off such things? Do people not value such personal items anymore? Jeez.

Charges dropped against Italian underwear-less man

It pays to be obese at times. Gives you ample reasons to go commandos. Why do people freak out when it is done by a man? Imagine the same thing with a female. Even if she hot or visually unappealing, people still look the upskirt. Admittedly, not everyone but perverts do. Usually it's the moral-friendly parents or females who freak out at such instances. It's normal to have your balls hanging out, you know.

Marvel Super Heroes Theme Park in Dubai

I guess that since Dubai is a pro-modern Islamic nation, it's alright to have such things there. Now imagine the same scenario in other Islamic nations. All over favourite male superheroes with turbans and our female superheroes in burqas and they will be labeled as Halal. No offence to the Muslim community. I am only here to poke some fun.

Whack! News Update: No Updates Here!

Oh my, it has been five days since my last post. I do apologize. Have been caught up with some things and trying to find more ways to bring in the bacon. So without any further delay, there is nothing else to read in this post. Look out for the next posts!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Whack! News Poll

In view of the increased visitors I have been having lately, (not much, I know, but I am still proud of people visiting this pretty new site, so thank you to everyone!) I just wish to know what kind of news format you people would like to see more here. I know the poll is right up there for everyone to see but some of you might miss it. I know, I've had my blonde moments too. If you do see it and participate, then that's good. At least, in that way, I'd know what my visitors want to see. So start polling!

P.S. It is at my sole discretion to decide what type of news format will be put up but I will try to appease my visitors' requests as well. So thank you all and do keep dropping by.

P.P.S. If anyone is interested in contributing other whacked news articles/images/videos or wish to be a guest poster, kindly let me know by leaving a comment in this post. I only require people with a good grasp of the English language and a sense of humor. And oh, it will also help if you're a whacky, zany toot. Thanks.

P.P.P.S. Huh? Oh. Okay.

Whack! News Special: Giraffes get married in Rio

Two giraffes tied a knot in a Rio de Janeiro zoo in Brazil much to the delight of zoo officials and visitors. It says they have been courting for a month and finally decided to tie the knot? Huh? How? I understand the zookeeper can study the animals' 'courtship' for a month and gauge they'e in love. But how did he/she know that they decided to tie the knot? The giraffes communicated their interest to the zookeeper? If so, how? Someone, please enlighten me on this!

Fire breathing and sword swallowing 101

The Circus Sideshow School in Coney Island has been teaching students to spit fire and swallow swords since 2002. Students go on to perform in clubs, state fairs, traveling circuses or show intermissions after completing the 1 week course.

Oh man, I want to sign up for this course too! I cannot image the number of girls I can impress with my fire breathing and sword swallowing skills. I'll be an instant hit! Plus ladies, you can improve your, ahem, other skills too, if you know what I mean.